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Problems with live broadcast
Problems may arise when viewing live broadcast and can be caused by many things.
Some of these problems can't avoided and some can be fixed. Here is what can cause your viewing
experience to not be up to par and some solutions.

Bandwidth - not enough to watch broadcast:
Our broadcast are now in multi rate, one at 650k and the other at 150k (to help those using
smart phones, phones, android phones or if you are trying to view on a 3g network). Do a speediest
on your device if you aren't getting the broadcast or if you are skipping frames. If you don't have at least
a 300k connection on your cell phone you won't be able to receive the low bandwidth broadcast or at least
2mb (or 2000k) you won't be able to receive the higher quality broadcast.

Our player is device smart and will send you whatever bandwidth you have available on your device.
Solution - Do a speed test on your device to check your internet speed. If you don't have enough bandwidth
contact your internet provider to upgrade your service.
link to test your bandwidth: click here

Read the instructions and follow them, don't just start clicking!

Bandwidth throttling:
Many 3g and 4g (or 4lte) have a limit on the bandwidth you can use a month. Even if your carrier
says you have unlimited usage you can experience what is called "Bandwidth Throttling". This is done by
your provider to prevent you from going over your bandwidth allowance (you have to pay an overage if you do this) or if the network becomes congested with other users the bandwidth is divided up so everyone
still has a connection. There isn't a lot you can do to solve this, if throttling is taking place there is
a network problem or change your package or contact your provider.

Too many windows open on device:
This is an easy one. Decide what you want to watch, The broadcast or cute kittens! Close some

Sounds like you are hearing the broadcast twice:
Most likely you have the broadcast opened twice, so close one of the broadcast pages.

You may be behind a firewall
Can't help you there, that's a security measure on your end

Security on your computer may be too high:
Won't help you there, I can really get your computer messed up if I tell you to change those settings,
If your security settings are set too high you may not be able to watch a broadcast, but if you have them set too low you invite hackers in to view your information.

Picture isn't as good as Sunday Night Football
It's the internet, and yea I can broadcast as good a picture as NBC does but most of you don't have
enough bandwidth to watch it