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Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Alumni and fans, Recruiters,.....Relax!, you don’t have to worry about missing the game. You can now watch the game from practically anywhere in the world, on the Around-The-World Sports Broadcasting Network.


Jim McIntyre, President of Father Ryan High School, writes, “It has always been our hope to reach and communicate with the largest number of people interested in supporting and following the happenings of Father Ryan High School. The technology, quality, and professionalism offered by ATW Sports has given us a cost effective, expedient, and remarkable way to reach literally thousands of people in the Ryan Nation.  I continue to hear from the alumni around the country at how thankful they are for us providing them the opportunity to reconnect and remain involved”.


And Frank Simpson, Head Wrestling Coach at Montgomery Bell Academy, wrote that, “All I have heard is positive things about the match and the way it was done. ATW Sports has provided a great resource to athletes and I want to thank you for that. I got many calls from people who watched the match from across the USA. They were so thankful for the opportunity to see the match. They asked me to thank you. So I will, Thank You”.


A special feature of ATW Sports is that the students are taught how to broadcast and produce the games. Generally three students are required; one videoing the game, while the others provide the play-by-play and color commentary. Who better than the player’s own peers to announce the game. Their insight, professionalism and good natured ribbing, really makes it fun and exciting for everyone.


During the game the students will run pre-recorded advertising sponsor commercials, interviews of players and coaches, and school announcements. The webcast’s are presented in such a way that it might remind you of some of your favorite sports programs seen on TV.


Another exciting ATW Sports feature is that the school no longer needs to be tethered to an internet cable. The school’s broadcast team can now travel to just about anywhere to broadcast a game. So now the when family and fans can’t get to the game, the game can get to them.

  • All school sports can participate: boys & girls sports, wrestling, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, track & field, swimming, basketball, etc…
  • Game Highlights are kept up on the site all year for viewing anytime.
  • Dvd’s of the broadcast season are given to each school to make copies to sell
  • Watch the bands perform at half time.
  • Recruiters do watch and request highlights of players


            ...and finally you should know if you are considering broadcasting your

            school sports....It’s a FREE service.


What you should know about

The Around-The-World Sports Broadcasting Network.


To Educate.

Created to teach high school and college students how to produce and broadcast a live school event for viewing on the internet.


Fun & Exciting for the Entire Family – Everywhere.

Ask a grandparent, or a parent, what it means to be able to watch their son or daughter when they can’t be there - and then be able to watch it over and over again, anytime they want in the On-Demand Video (highlights) section. It’s on the internet and available to watch from anywhere, at no cost, without passwords or codes.


Broadcast Any School Event – Anytime!

ATW Sports allows each school to broadcast any time they want. Whether it’s a football, basketball, or volleyball game, a school play, band competition, or graduation. All the students need to do is set up equipment, click to connect to the internet, and start filming.


Looks Professional.

Schools can include in their broadcast: pre-recorded commercials from their school supporters; play recorded interviews of coaches, parents, students, players; relay school announcements and upcoming events; even make a commercial to promote their school.


100% School Controlled.

Each school has it’s own unique community and relationships. The school controls what event, how it will be broadcast, what sponsor commercials will be shown, and what announcers will call the game….ATW Sports does not dictate how the presentation will be done.


Fund Raising.

Schools can make copies of the games on dvd for sale; create pay-per-view events; sell banner ads on their broadcast site, and sell commercial time to be run during live broadcasts.


Go Anywhere.

Schools can now broadcast using a wireless device. Now the students can travel and broadcast the away games back to the school, or move from the football field to the soccer field without worrying about a hardwire internet connection.

Helps Schools Outreach.

Your school will enjoy being broadcast Around-The-World and into communities of families that may be thinking of moving into your area and have a choice of joining a progressive  institution using the internet for engaging students in a fun, exciting, and educational school program. Who said the internet is only for research and emails?


No Cost To The School.

ATW Sports generates revenue from advertising sponsors and does not charge the schools for it’s services. It should not matter what type of school you are; inner city, suburban, or rural – all should have the same opportunities to showcase their students. Whether you choose to take advantage, is up to you.


It’s Their Future.


If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact Bob Plageman at 615.364.2134.


Thank you for your attention and support,

ATW Sports Broadcasting Network


References are gladly extended upon request.

For additional information on how your school can get started broadcasting your sports, call Bob Plageman at 615.364.2134, Rhett Douglas at 615 - 430 - 0587 , or email us at